6. You can choose to use our tools and design your own Web Property, or you can hire us to design and develop it for you.
As we develop your Web Property, there will be milestones such as outline architecture, initial design work (e.g. Look and feel), final version and going live. As the web is fast moving, it is essential that you purchase a Web Property when you have at least 80% of your content ready.
Look and Feel of Your Future Web Property
Separate colors or codes  by comas. Color hex codes are preferred. View hex codes generator for help.
(e.g. Magazine style, catalogue style, specific graphics, etc.) Many who seek out a web developer to create their website already have an idea of what they want their website to look like. 
For example: "I want to collect name and email address only".
If so, we can add a feature that offers the function of disabling the cookies at the visitor's request or, alternatively, include a description on how to control and disable them. (See AboutCookies.org)
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Our default is 970 in width and unlimited in length in most cases.
After your Web Property development is complete, you can either keep hosting with GriotSites or you can move your Web Property to the web hosting company of your choice.
Technical Details
Check out what others are saying about who we are and what we do. Although we love tooting our own horn, we know that you would rather hear it from real Clients about real experiences with GriotSites. View our Portfolio of previous Web Developments.
Depending on the amount of goods you are going to sell (if any) determines the type of ecommerce software needed to sell your product(s). 
Are you collecting personal information from your visitors such as addresses or credit cards? If so, you will need web security provided by an SSL Certificate installation.
If you want your visitors to stay on your Web Property when checking out, an SSL Certificate is required. If you plan on redirecting them from your Web Property to an outside gateway such as PayPal or Stripe, the selected processing website will provide security to your visitors once they enter their Web Property to complete a payment or purchase.
Domain Registration
If you plan on keeping track of your server logs and traffic reports/statistics, let us know  which reports you are interested in.
In other words; are you requiring a page that you want accessible only by the use of a username and password?
Is this something that you will require GriotSites to do on your behalf? If you want to update the site yourself, do you have basic html knowledge? What content will need updating? If you intend to have GriotSites update your site, which Web Insurance Plan do you prefer?
You may have plans to develop your site in stages. In any event, as the internet and its capabilities are continually developing, you will need to update your site and add new features in order to remain competitive. If you are not computer savvy, we can do the updates for you (See Web Insurance Plans).

Web Site Design Planning Checklist
Outside Links
Hold Ctrl while clicking your mouse to select more than one option.
Hold Ctrl while clicking your mouse to select more than one option.
You can use Google Wallet if you’re a sole proprietor but not if you are a registered company (e.g. a Limited or LLC entity).
How would you describe your business in one sentence to a family member? Create a memorable dramatic phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of your product and/or services.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Separate keywords by comas. List at least 10 descriptive words that will help net surfers to locate your online site.
Your Contact Information
Phew, this was long but is needed for us to tap into your business's vision. Thank you for your valuable time!
What color is the sky?
Hold Ctrl while clicking your mouse to select more than one option.
We will only use this number to call you if we need additional information regarding this questionnaire. We will contact you via email to schedule a consultation with you or you can schedule an appointment now.
Enter your email address to submit this page. If you are a Client, you must enter the email address we have on file for your account.
Help us fight spam by answering the captcha question before submitting this form.
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The Pre-consultation Web Property checklist is the first step to joining our exclusive virtual family. The information collected on this form will help us to prepare for the initial consultation with a Web Specialist. At GriotSites, we are known for being able to tap into one's vision and  creating a digital version for the world-wide-web to see. Some questions can get a bit techy, so find someone who can answer them for you if you need assistance. Try to answer as many fields as possible. The more we know about your vision, the better chance we have of "hitting the head on the nail" when creating your design. 
Complete Our Website Checklist below as part of your initial application for a Web Property. We will only review those who have joined the Griot Family, and are submitting this required form. Non-GriotSites Clients can use this form to spark some questions that will help in preparing for the development of a future Web Property.

Overview Questionnaire
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Why Choose Griotsites Web Hosting & Designs? Because we absolutely LOVE what we do and we're good at it too, that's why!

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