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      Ø   SSL Certificate
Ø Unlimited Posting                                                     
Ø Check daily for Web Property visibility                                                            
Ø Weekly check for bandwidth/disk usage
Ø Account Change notices such as expired domains, 
            property suspension, etc.
Ø Add and/or remove: pages, text (content), links, images
Ø Annual Website Makeover
Ø Web Property Facelift
Ø Emergency troubleshooting                                                             
Ø Fast turnaround for routine tasks
Ø Broken Link Check
Ø Image Link Checker/Repair
Ø Title tags and alt tags inspection/repair
Ø Quick Edits
Ø 4 Free additional pages and design
Ø Keyword check/Updates           
      Ø Level One Web Marketing
Ø Monthly Consultation
Ø Manage Emails
Ø Manage Facebook, Twitter,
           and Instagram platforms
Ø Level One Branding
Ø Business Cards
Ø Digital Banners
Ø Domain Renewal
Ø Monthly Web Property scan
Ø Griot Residential Card

VIPA - Virtual Intenet Personal Assistance
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When you are ready to get serious about your web presence for your business or book, join the Griot Family! *Licensed  *Certified  *Insured

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Virtual Internet Personal Attendant Web Insurance
Don't have time to manage your online presence? Need a personal assistance to manage your virtual property the way you would if you had the time and/or skills? We are here to help. Obtain our VIPA plan and spend your maintenance time working on something else. We take our services very seriously, and we guarantee that we will treat your Web Property as if it was our own. That's the GriotSites VIPA promise.
"The service provided by Griotsites has truly been a very positive experience. I have appreciated the time, attention to detail, dedication, great attentiveness, and overall professionalism that T'Malkia has provided to make my business's web presence a success. T"Malkia also created my unique logo which has helped to highlight my business's unique brand. She knows her craft and is willing to share her knowledge. Another aspect of her service is that she also offers timely publishing solutions such as business card and lookbook services which are instrumental in the exposure of my service and products. I continue to be impressed with her resourcefulness and creativity. As a completely satisfied customer, I will only use Griotsites for all of my web presence needs."  Nikki E. Owner of Maragiya® - Hyattsville, MD
Virtual Internet Personal Attendant Web Insurance
VIPA for the "Studio"
VIPA for the "Apartment"
VIPA for the "House"
VIPA for the "Mansion"
VIPA for the "Castle"
Services Not Included But Are Available:

Ø   image scanning, resizing, & optimization
Ø   color & font optimization
Ø   Global Editing - (full site editing)
Ø   Correcting/redesigning current logo
Ø   Troubleshooting external scripts
Ø   Blog customization & makeovers
Ø   Copywriting & article/content procurement
Ø   Level 2 Marketing & SEO support

Ø   Database creation & management
Ø   Graphic design creation and support
Ø   eCommerce (management, maintenance)

Web Tech on call for emergency issues                          Add $14.95 monthly to services
Consulting on strategy or planning for the company          $35.00 per hour
Logo Design                                                                  Starting at $50.00
A P B Services (All Points Bulletin)                                  Starting at $35 per hour
Phone Answering Services                                             Contact Us for quote
Manage Google Webmaster Tools                                   Add $29.99 per month