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Now it is time to send your information to the World Wide Web. It is as simple as clicking the "publish" button and that's it!
"Many entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for a quick and easy way to produce a functional online "coming soon" site property to notify those who are seeking their services that a Web Property is in development. This is similar to a "Coming Soon" banner that is displayed when a brick and mortar establishment wants to alert the public that their building will be open for business in the future.

Our cPanel is entering the new year with an upgrade to our "Client Dashboard".  Some functions and scripts offered in the old cPanel version are now obsolete and outdated. Non-GriotSites products (such as the 4500 free templates) and replaced them with 3 quick and easy templates that may be used as a temporary site. In the upgraded cPanel version, we are excited to introduce the new "Site Publisher", a tool that can assist a cPanel user in publishing and making live a functioning site in just a few clicks.

Select a Domain
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In order to use the Site Publisher, you must have a designated web address to assign a template to. The easiest way to assign a web address is to create Subdomains (not available in all web hosting packages). You can also use parked domain names to assign to the template of choice. Once you click the Site Publishers' link or the orange icon like the one below, the following page should appear. Click on each section (1, 2, or 3) to view the selected details).
Site Publisher
Instructions on this page are for demonstration purposes only. In order to access these templates, a GriotSites account is needed.
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The first step is to select the domain name you will associate with the chosen template. Don't worry about importing your domain names. Once a domain name is transferred or created in the cPanel, a list is automatically displayed of your existing web addresses located from your addon/parked domain list as well as your primary and Subdomains. If you are missing a domain name, check to make sure that you've successfully added it to your account first.

To select an available domain name, click one circle located on the left of the board. Be sure that you do NOT have another Site Property already published to that domain name.
Select a domain name
Step 2 is to select a template. There are 3 template options available: Under Construction, Personal, and Business.
Select a Template
Step Two - Select a Template
Step Three - Complete Site Fields
Customize and Publish
Step 3 is to provide information. Each template calls for different information fields. Use the field tips to complete this final step before publishing live. Fields that do not pertain to you or your business can be left blank.
Full Name/Business Name: The title of your site property belongs in this field. This can be the name of your business or a fictitious name for your site.

Tag Line: What is your punch line? Enter a catchy line or phrase that you want your site visitors to remember about your site property.

Image URL: If you are inserting an image or avatar into the template, copy and paste the URL address of where to find the image or avatar online.

About Me: Your biography or business/company's background information so that your site visitors can learn about you if they so desire.

Address: If your have a physical location for your business, you can enter your physical address in this field.

Phone Number: Customer Service is a must for a successful business, so placing a phone number in this field will display your contact number. This is a sign to your site visitors that you care about your customers.

Fax Number: Customer Service is a must for a successful business, so placing a phone number in this field will display your contact number. This is a sign to your site visitors that you care about your customers.

Description/Description Header: Enter your site property's details in this field. By default, the "this Website is Under Construction" message is set to appear in the published site. 

Email Address: Enter a good email address for your site visitors to contact you. This is also a good sign that tells your site visitors that Customer Service is an important part of the business.

Business Hours: If you have set business hours, let the world know by entering them in this field.

Business Hours Notes: This field is for additional notes regarding operation times for your business.

Facebook: Grab your Facebook link and paste it in this field, ex.

Twitter: Grab your Twitter link and paste it in this field, ex.

Grab your LinkedIn link and paste it in this field, ex.

Google Analytics Tracker ID: Grab your Google Analytics Tracker ID from your Webmaster tools and paste it in this field.

Google Maps URL:  If you have a brick-and-mortar business and you need for potential customers to locate you, enter the Google Maps URL into this field.

Publishing Time - Final Step
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Step One - Select Domain Name
Step 1 - A Domain Name
Step 2 - Select a Template
Step 3 - Customize and Publish
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Instructions on this page are for demonstration purposes only. In order to access these templates, a GriotSites account is needed.