Parkway Place Reseller™ Plan Fee (annual)
Everything offered in the Basic plan along with the best buy rates in the industry and pay-per-click parked domain commissions.
Our Griot Business Club™ Offers 2 Reseller Plans

Webstreet Blvd Reseller™ Plan Fee (annual)
Everything you need to start a reseller business, including a pre-built website, shopping cart, integrated site traffic reporting and even credit card processing.
Exciting products and services mean increased revenue for you - Domains, Hosting, Email and much more. You activate the products you want to sell, and we automatically offer those products to your customers. It's easy!
Does Griot Sites charge sales or transaction fees?
Yes. We charge a 2.5% credit card fee (applied to the sum of all products purchased) plus $0.25 per order transaction fee for all orders placed through your reseller site.

If one of your customers purchased a hosting account and email totaling $10, the fee would be as follows:

Credit card fee: $10 * .025 = $0.25
Plus $0.25 transaction fee = $0.50 total sales fees on this order.

What reports are available with my GBC Reseller account?
The Basic and Pro Reseller accounts include the following invaluable reporting tools:

Displays commissions earned during a selected time period, including units sold, retail price, wholesale price, credit card fees and commissions. For more information, see Viewing the Commissions Report.

Product Commissions
Displays commissions by product for a selected time period, including units sold, retail price, wholesale price, credit card fees and commissions.

Marketing Source Codes
Displays where your customers are coming from, campaigns they follow, and how many hits each campaign draws for a particular marketing source code. For more information, see Viewing the Marketing Source Codes Report. View full available reports.

Updating Products and Services for Your GBC Storefront
After you use the Quick Setup Wizard, your Reseller storefront includes all products by default. In the GBC Control panel, you can update which products and services you want to offer.

Some products require that you offer the entire suite. For example, if you want to offer email plans, you must offer the entire Email & Productivity suite, which also includes Hosted Exchange, Calendar, Fax Thru Email, Online Storage, and SMTP Relay.

When you select a product offering or suite, the Reseller Control Center saves your selection and displays it on your storefront within an hour.

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