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. We display our seal on each page we create for several reasons other than just being plain old proud of our designs. Here are other reasons why:

1. Just in case there is a problem with the Web Property or web page that a visitor is on, instead of contacting the Web Property owner who will most likely contact us, our seals will eliminate the "middle man" so visitors can receive fast and accurate information as well as faster troubleshooting times regarding the site's issue being reported.

2. Someone may admire a Web Property they are visiting and wish to seek a Web Property of their own. By clicking our seal, the site's visitor can connect with us to inquire about our services. If you are an affiliate, this method will keep track of visitors who also join our Griot Family. This means money to the Web Property owner if the visitor becomes a Client.

3. This seal represents a licensed and established company that proudly designed the visited Web Property. The seal indirectly says, "if You Don't Look Good, We Don't Look Good!"

4. Did we mention that we display our seal because we are just plain old proud of our designs?
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Proudly Designed by GriotSites
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I found disturbing information on one of the site properties created by GriotSites.
Web Properties and content are the property of the Web Property Owner. We at GriotSites are very liberal when it come to our Client’s content, however, we do have a line that we are careful about crossing and there are just some content that we do not allow. If the site you are reporting is about child pornography, illegal drugs, cruelty to animals and or extreme violence, fill out the form below to report the violation.
One of the links are not working.
GriotSites perform link checks periodically on our custom web properties. Sometimes, links become broken due to a couple of reasons such as an external link that was connected to a website has since shut down. Use the handy form below to report the site's broken link(s) and we will repair it within 24 hours.
I didn't find what I was looking for?
We hate to hear that because we work closely with our Clients in an attempt to make each website informative about their site property's purpose. We suggest that you contact the site property directly by going to their "contact us" page, or calling if a phone number is provided.
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Well, we are glad to hear that, and we are happy to provide you one. Just click any Web Agent on this page to chat with us live, or hit the green button and start by locating yourself a domain name.
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We work hard to assure that you will love our services, but if for some reason you don't, we will refund your money within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied!
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