We realize that our basic package may not be enough for some, so we created the La' Royale' Premium package to make a Web Property owner's online experience a smooth one. This service is like having a miniature handy man (or woman) personally attending to your Web Property while you focus on other important business stuff.This service is only for those whose Web Property is developed through GriotSites Web Development team.

VIPA for the "Studio"
VIPA for the "Apartment"
VIPA for the "House"
VIPA for the "Mansion"
VIPA for the "Castle"
Services Not Included But Are Available:

Ø   image scanning, resizing, & optimization
Ø   color & font optimization
Ø   Global Editing - (full site editing)
Ø   Correcting/redesigning current logo
Ø   Troubleshooting external scripts
Ø   Blog customization & makeovers
Ø   Copywriting & article/content procurement
Ø   Level 2 Marketing & SEO support

Ø   Database creation & management
Ø   Graphic design creation and support
Ø   eCommerce (management, maintenance)

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Chat Live With a Web Specialist
Chat Live With a Web Specialist
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    Ø Posting updates (up to 10)       
Ø    Quick Edits - (maximum 1 hour. Additional time at $35.00 per hour                                     
Ø Check daily for Web Property visibility                                                             
Ø Weekly check for bandwidth/disk usage
Ø Account Change notices such as expired domains, property suspension, etc.
Ø Annual Website Makeover
Ø Fast online troubleshooting                                                             
Ø Fast turnaround for routine tasks
La Royale Monitoring Services
La Royale Monitoring Services
Da Lighthouse Monitoring Services
Virtual Internet Property Attendant
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Chat Live With a Web Specialist
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