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Make Your Domain Name Disappear

What is Domain Masking?

Domain masking lets you protect the address of a particular site property, while still allowing customers to access the content.

How Does it Work?
First, you register a domain name, say, This is only an address, though; is not going to have its own Web Property. You use this address to display the content of another site property, say,

So your visitors type in and see the display from the site Property, but they do not see the address.

When you just use forwarding, the forwarding address will not appear in the browser's address field after the forwarding is completed. When you add masking, the forwarding address will always stay in the browser's address field and hide the real destination's address.

In addition to the URL, the Mask Meta Tags feature allows you to enter a title, plus description and keywords Meta tag information for the masked domain. Title and Meta tag information is important to a Web site's search engine ranking, but does not influence how a Web site is being displayed.

* You must have registered your domain through or transferred it to to use forwarding or forwarding with masking.
+ To be used with existing Forwarded Domain(s).

To forward or mask your domain name, you must use our nameservers.

For your domain name to forward, its A record must be pointed to

If you want your visitors to be able to go to your domain name with or without the www prefix, you need to forward your domain name to use www.

To Forward or Mask Your Domain Name
Log in to your Account Manager.
Next to Domains, click Manage.
Select the domain names you want to forward.
You cannot forward or mask .tk, .dk or .ch domain names.

Click Forward, and then select Forwarding Domains.
Click Add Forwarding.
Select http:// or https:// as your Forward to option. For more information, see HTTP vs. HTTPS.
Enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to.

Select your Redirect type
301 (Permanent) - Redirects to the site you specified in the Forward To field using a "301 Moved Permanently" HTTP response. The HTTP 301 response code tells user-agents (including search engines) that the location has permanently moved.
302 (Temporary) - Redirects to the site you specified in the Forward To field using a "302 Found" HTTP response. The HTTP 302 response code tells user-agents (including search engines) that the location has temporarily moved.

Select your Forward settings
Forward only - Forwards the domain without masking.
Forward with Masking - Prevents the forwarded domain name URL from displaying in the browser's address bar, and lets you enter Meta Tags for search engine crawlers in the following fields:
Title - Displays at the top of the browser window and in search results.
Description - A short description of your website to display in search engine results.
Keyword - A list of comma-separated keywords that describes the content and purpose of your website.
Masking is incompatible with some sites that use https://, i.e. SSL certificates.

To automatically update your nameservers to accommodate your forwarding changes:

Check Update my DNS setting to support this change.
Click Add, and then click Save.

To Forward Your Domain Name Without Masking
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