Why would I want a Monthly Website Design Package?
As long as you are on the payment agreement and your payments are current, your web property will remain live.
Will my Web Property go live while making my payments or after the final payment?
All Web Properties on a payment agreement will receive hosting in order to make the site live. All Griot Packages come with a set amount of web hosting, but our payment plans will supersede the hosting and extend the services over the duration of the agreement.

What happens if I want to cancel early?
A great amount of work is put into producing and maintaining each web property. When you are approved for a payment agreement, you are asking us to afford you credit so that you can establish web presence without forking over a large sum of money at once. Approximately half of the monthly fee is applied towards covering upfront costs with the remaining amount going towards the set-up and maintenance of the web property. You have a buyout option that is calculated depending on the number of payments you already made. If you would rather cancel your agreement without buyout, then we will simply shut your website down and only expect the last payment up to the date you cancel.
Will I save money if I buy my web property before the end of my payment terms?
Of course. We have done all of the work for you by breaking down the financial fees per day. We made it simple for you to decide your buyout amount. Just subtract the daily fee from your remaining days. See our payment terms for more information.
What if I want to buyout my web property?
No problem. Contact a web Agent if you are wanting to satisfy your payment agreement early.
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Payment Option Plans


Web mortgage payments are spread equally over a six-month period. The down payment for this agreement is $250.00 and a Credit card on file is required.

Web mortgage payments are spread equally over a twelve-month period. The down payment for this agreement is $100.00 and a Credit card on file is required.

Web mortgage payments are spread equally over an eighteen-month period. The down payment for this agreement is $100.00 and a Credit card on file is required.
Web Properties Are The Virtual Equivalence To Brick And Mortar Properties

Payment Plans and Financing
What is GriotPay?

GriotSites is like no other. We not only promise beautiful web properties to Web Property Owners, we also provide awesome support with the goal of educating all who trust us with their virtual vision. We are a virtual city on the world wide web who offers our Clients a safe and sturdy place to house their web presence as business owners, authors and non-profit organizations. Our services mirror those of a Realtor and/or an Architect, creating and making available a beautiful web property so that customers and potential customers can visit a virtual structure in order to conduct business.

Just like purchasing a house or land, obtaining web presence can be quite costly, and we know that everyone cannot afford to shell out a stack of money in order to obtain that presence. For that reason (among others) we have developed an affordable payment plan to make a professional web property available to those who are currently in business or planning to start a business. We want to remove financial obstacles that may prevent you from reaching your goals as a Web Property Owner. 

Purchasing a web property is a financial investment into your web presence, and we know this investment isn't always cheap, but it is by far cheaper than a physical structure, that's why we offer affordable payment plans. We want to take some of the stress from you that virtual property developing can cause so that you can focus on building your brand and bank account. We pride ourselves on being able to provide Domain Name Owners flexible payment solutions to allow them the opportunity to have professional web presence at a fraction of the cost.
A Payment Plan makes it easy for you to become a proud Property Owner. Entering into a payment agreement with us has its pros and cons, and we want you to know what they are:

Pros: Our payment plans are easy to qualify for. The Monthly payment option takes away the burden of having to come up with a lump sum. 
Cons: Entering into a payment plan agreement will cost you a bit more because we have to include the financial charges that are assessed for using this service as well as booking fees.
Pros:  A payment plan allows you to have live web presence BEFORE your web property is paid off.
Cons: Missed payments will jeopardize your web presence. We run a strict payment schedule, and since we do not charge late fees on missed payments, the consequences are having your account suspended for non-payment. We do charge to reinstate an account, plus the past due amount and next month's payment to restore services.
Pros:  A low down-payment of $100.00 is required to enter a payment agreement. Others may require half down before beginning a project.
Cons: Although the $100.00 is a down payment, it is non-refundable, however; the $100 will be applied to your project when completed.
Pros:  Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card on the established date. You will not have to worry about keeping up with your payments. We will deduct your payment and send you a receipt to reflect the deduction.
Cons: Rejected payments will result in an account suspension. We will attempt to run your card once on the due date and 48 hours after the due date. If the funds are not available, or we have not received a payment extension in our office, the web property will be disabled and a reinstatement fee will be due.

We offer three options for Domain Name Owners:
Awesome Sales & Support (888) 600-2011
Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
*Down Payment between $100 -$250
**Automatic Monthly Deductions
*Site Monitoring
*Domain Name Transfer
*Early buyout not available
*interest amount is apprx. $1.11 per day
*Down Payment minimum $250
**Automatic Monthly Deductions
*Site Monitoring
*Domain Name Transfer
*Early buyout available
*interest amount is apprx. $1.23 per day

Need short-term web presence? We can help with that too. We offer pre-built custom web properties to be rented for a set term. View our Rental page for more details and our showroom for available rentals.

Rental Web Properties from $49.99 per month.
*We offer web property leases from 3 months -24 months.
*Our Rentals are from 1 page websites to 50 page websites.
*Web Rentals are custom tweaked to represent your business.

*Down Payment minimum $350
**Automatic Monthly Deductions
*Site Monitoring
*Domain Name Transfer
*Early buyout available
*interest amount is apprx. $1.62 per day

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