"The service provided by Griotsites has truly been a very positive experience. I have appreciated the time, attention to detail, dedication, great attentiveness, and overall professionalism that T'Malkia has provided to make my business's web presence a success. T'Malkia also created my unique logo which has helped to highlight my business's unique brand. She knows her craft and is willing to share her knowledge. Another aspect of her service is that she also offers timely publishing solutions such as business card and lookbook services which are instrumental in the exposure of my service and products. I continue to be impressed with her resourcefulness and creativity. As a completely satisfied customer, I will only use Griotsites for all of my web presence needs."  Nikki E. Owner of Maragiya® and a GriotSites Client since 2016.  - Hyattsville, MD
I gave your website information out to 2 people today because they were inquiring as to who created such a beautiful website. They are looking to get one made.

Status: New Favour New Visions -Active with GriotSites since 2014
Original design (r) in 2014
Website Makeover (l) in 2016
New Favour New Visions
New Favour New Visions
What Are Others Saying About GriotSites™?

Want to know what others are saying about us?  We have compiled some of our feedback so that you can get a feel of what others think about our services. Since we are a publishing company who just so happens to build websites too, we have included in the "comments" area, feedback concerning all of our services including book publishing. These are ACTUAL testimonies of ACTUAL clients who have taken time out of their day to express their experience with our services.  After YOU have joined our family, we ask that you send us your feedback so that we can add it to our wall.

Note:  We received permission from each Client and potential Client to post their comments. Some provided their approval but didn't want their name posted.  We have honored their wishes by just posting their comment and where they reside as well as the year of receiving their feedback.
I have to give a BIG shout out to my Sista T'Malkia Zuri of Griot Web Design. If y'all need a website she's the one! I'm telling y'all she has packages available to fit your budget, and she offers payment plans. Even more than that my Sista taps into your vision and develops your website with the look, feel and performance you desire. She's a straight WOMANIFESTOR!!! She fits your ideas and your services with the client in mind. She adds performance accuracy, quality graphics, and easy navigation that creates the perfect website! One of my greatest joys (while she is designing all my sites) is that she is timely and very professional. Did I say timely? She understands how important it is to get your web business up and running and she goes that extra mile. I love when I spend my money and it's worth it, and Griot Sites is worth it!!! So, is your online presence. Check them out and give them a call. Tell them I sent you.

Status:  HoneySoul Radio -Active with GriotSites since 2015
StatusSensual Honey Wellness- Active since 2016
Sensual Honey Wellness
I have been working with Griotsites for a number of years and there is no better in the business. Aside from their expertise in design and marketing I could not be any more satisfied with their personal touch, care and knowledge provided. I owe a huge part of my career in sports talk radio and public speaking to Griotsites. They helped me in designing my website and creating my brand. I recommend them to anyone and promise you will not be disappointed in any facet of their work.

Status:  Active with GriotSites since 2011
Original design in 2011
Website Makeover in 2016

Inactive 6/30/2017
Edward Smith Speaks
Just want to continue some of the other things for the website and to let you know that the Board just adores your work and so do I. Thank you, you are simply the BEST!

Status:  Active with Griot Sites since 2014
Original design (r) in 2014
Website Makeover (l) in 2016
Website Makeover in 2017

New Favour New Visions
New Favour New Visions
I just want to say "thank you" for saving us some money. Our organization raises awareness and monies for the people of Sierra Leone, especially during their fight against the spreading of the Ebola virus. When it was time for me to renew our domain name, you not only renewed it for almost half of what I usually pay every year, but you transferred me over to your hosting service at no cost.  Not only that, you built our website from the ground up and it only took you 3 days!!!!!  

Last but not least, you helped me by walking me through it and I was like "wow!"  My previous hosting company didn't even do that.

Status:  Black Action Star Network -Active with GriotSites since 2015
Black Star Action Network
Tracey R. Bryant-Swint
sensualhoneywellness.com & honeysoulradio.com
Atlanta, Georgia (2016)
Kenya Jones, Administrator   blackstaractionnetwork.com
Wisconsin (2015)
Cathy Dozier-Riles, President 
Texas (2014)
Edward Smith III of
"Edward SmithSpeaks.com,
Phoenix, AZ (2016)
Cathy Dozier-Riles, President 
Texas (2014)
Renee Griot
Author of "It's All About Me"
California (2014)

Evangelist Regina M. -Co-Author of "it's Our Time to Shine"
Laveen, AZ (2008)
It's All About Me by Rene Griot
"There is nothing better than feeling as though you are the Top of the Cake, the Center of the Universe, the Star of the Show! This has been my experience since day one of meeting TMalkia Zuri. I had been with GoDaddy for over a year and not once have I had a conversation with anyone regarding my website. You would have thought that someone from new accounts or customer service would have given me a call to see why I had purchased a website and it still wasn’t up and running after almost a year. The only thing that I received from GoDaddy was a generic email inquiry, so I transferred my account. I love having one-on-one personal service with those who are in support of my dream. There’s nothing like being able to have a conversation with someone who gets me and my vision. TMalkia has taken the time to get to know me, as an author she is able to look down the road and around the corner this enabled her to develop a line of questioning that revealed untapped possibilities, stimulated my creativity and revealed new lines of business opportunities that I hadn’t considered, she gets it! Who would of thought that I would find a publisher that also offers web hosting services who is so dynamic, talk about full service! I’m not just playing this game, I’m in it to win and by winning I intend on making a difference in the lives of all those who have the pleasure of reading any of my work. I feel confident that TMalkia is going to take me over the finish line! My beautiful Sistah, I can’t thank you enough for pouring your love of writing into my cup, it is running over with gratitude!"

: "All About Me (top) -Active with GriotSites since 2015
22 Poetry Lane-
It's All About Me by Rene Griot
Authors Published by Griot Publishing House
Steven Isham- Adjunct Faculty at South Mountain Community College & Rio Salado College and Adjunct College Professor at University of Phoenix
Tonopah, AZ (2009)
Harold B.
Avondale, AZ (2009)
Hyattsville, MD (2016)

Lisa B-Author of "Words From the Heart of Lisa"
Avondale, AZ (2009)
Annette-Author of "Women Are the Flowers of the World!"
Phoenix, AZ (2011)
I am so excited about the things you have done. It has given me such hope for the book and getting the information into the hands of Parents. I have just reviewed the website and it so perfect. You are truly gifted and talented. And I should know. I teach the 3 courses required by the state to be endorsed as a Teacher for Gifted and Talented students. I thank God for you.
Words From the Heart of Lisa
I love my book cover! I am so excited, and cannot wait until my book is completed. Thank you so much for your help in making my dreams come true. 
You are God sent. We thank you for all your hard work, late nights, and sacrifices you made. You are a blessing to us; we forever appreciate you. We love you!
It's Our Time to Shine by Chris Madden
Hello Sister T Malkia,
Just wanted you to know that I finished your book "It s Mourning Time" and enjoyed it very much. Let God continue to use you and I will continue to spread the word about your book store location.
it was so nice talking with you yesterday about perhaps publishing my book. I have been reading a book by one of your clients called "It's Our Time To Shine" by Pastor Chris Madden.  Not only was the book awesome, I was really impressed by the quality of the book. I also liked the fact that the ISBN and the barcode was in place, and the book is copy written. In other words, the book was legit. I look forward to working with you in the future. 
We Are the Flowers of the World by Annette O'Neal
A Servan'ts Heart by Linda Mustelier
A Servan'ts Heart by Linda Mustelier
In Loving Memory of One Of Our Authors Departed October 2013
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