What is The Griot Business Club?

Let's get something out in the opening with an important question: THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE so what are YOU waiting for?

GriotSites has been around since 2007, and we are not ashamed to say how we got started in the domain, web hosting, and web developing business; we signed up for several reseller programs until we found one that was worth working. 9 years later, we are now in the position to offer you the same opportunity that we embarked upon, and we are calling it THE GRIOT BUSINESS CLUB (GBC).

Our GBC is not the same as our Mailbox Money Program. Not only do we provide you the tools to start your own turnkey business with Griot Sites, we also provide you with the educational training that you will receive along with 24/7/365 live support. In addition, we provide your products, support, even a professional web site. And with our turnkey setup, your site is online from the moment you sign up!

Plus, you can:
•Build YOUR product mix! Choose from Domains‡, Hosting, Email, Site Builders and much more (view list).
•Set the retail pricing YOU want. There are no deposits, minimums or advance purchases required.
•Customize YOUR Web site. Add your own logo and images, customize colors and more. Or simply choose one of six ready-made designs. See a Basic Reseller Site.
Why Wait? Get started now for just $139.99/year!

Build your own successful online business! We provide you with everything you need:

Here are just some of the FREE extras (over a $500* value) you get when you sign up to become a GriotSites Business Club Member!

Reseller Web Property, Including:

•shopping cart and credit card processing for your reseller website. See sample site
•we supply 24/7 phone support for your customers.
•Customer billing and renewals included in your dashboard.
•How to be a Reseller ebook, written by one of our top resellers.
Search Engine Visibility shows you how to submit your site to popular search engines.
Express Email Marketing® comes with templates to help you market to your customers.
•Tools you can use to create a custom Web Property for your store - Shared Hosting or Website Builder for Resellers.
SSL Certificate reassures your customers your storefront is secure.
Online Storage gives you anytime-anywhere access to all your files.
•30-day Money Back Guarantee:
***We are so confident that you will enjoy the ease and flexibility of our Griot Business Club Reseller Programs that we are backing them with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Money Back Guarantee Details
If you want to cancel your GBC account for any reason, within 30 days of the date you purchased the reseller program, you are entitled to a full refund of the sign-up fee. If you receive a full refund for our Webstreet Blvd Reseller™ or Parkway Place Reseller™ programs, you will not receive commissions on the purchases made at your reseller stores. All customers who made a purchase at your reseller stores will be transferred to a different reseller to manage their products
Our Griot Business Club Offers 2 Reseller Plans

Webstreet Blvd Reseller Plan Fee (annual)
Everything you need to start a reseller business, including a pre-built website, shopping cart, integrated site traffic reporting and even credit card processing.
Parkway Place Reseller Plan Fee (annual)
Everything offered in the Basic plan along with the best buy rates in the industry and pay-per-click parked domain commissions.
Exciting products and services mean increased revenue for you - Domains, Hosting, Email and much more. You activate the products you want to sell, and we automatically offer those products to your customers. It's easy!
GriotSites Affiliate Program
Chat Live With a Web Specialist
Chat Live With a Web Specialist
Educating Website Owners is our Business. Get Webucated Today!
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Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
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