When is the last time your Web Property had a makeover? That long huh? Well, if it has been over two years, it is only best to inform you that your website is indeed outdated. With internet technology constantly changing, your Web Property should stay up-to-date with some of those changes to be effective on the World Wide Web.

Your Web Property is your presence on the web would you agree? Therefore, you have to look your best, otherwise, you won't have many visitors or even worse; you won't have any returning visitors. There are several reasons why you need a Web Property makeover, but we will discuss that further down in this article so let's continue.

When we make over your Web Property or "website", we will use a similar design to your current property and turn it into a more modern look and feel. If you want a different design, you can choose to have your entire site rebuilt (choose packages below). F.Y.I, This is not the same as a site transfer, because when we transfer your Web Property from another host, we will transfer all contents as is. Learn more about Web Property transfers here.
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Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
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Taking Over Your Web Property That Another Designer Developed

Many of our Clients migrate from another web hosting company or web Designer. Some request to have their Web Property updated with a new look, while others want their site property duplicated with the exact look and feel of their current site. We call duplicating your website “Site Mirroring. “Although we would love to duplicate all designs, the truth of the matter is, sometimes we just can't, and here are some of the reasons why:

*Your current design is a template. Most template styles are copy written, so for us to copy templates that are not from GriotSites would cause us to violate a template owner's design, and we really don't want to do that. We can work with you to produce something similar which has always been the case for every Client who ran into this scenario.

*You are not the owner of your Web Property design, but your Web Designer is. If your property's copyright is held by someone else other than the Web Property owner, permission would have to be obtained from the site's owner to grant permission to Griotsites to duplicate the style.

Reasons to Make Over Your Web Property

There are many obvious reasons why you should update the look and style of your Web Property at least every two years. One is that your space should be appealing to your visitors, and if frequent visitors see that you are not attending to your online property, their return rate is slim to none. Why come back when the information is the same information from 2 years ago?

*An updated Web Property can improve your identity branding. Again, you will be fresh on your web visitor's mind if they know that coming to your web space means new information and new functionality.

*An updated Web Property will Improved Online Visibility & Search Engine Performance. Google® is a stickler for making available to the world relevant information. They use robots to crawl your website to look for clean web pages that are linked well and provide relevant information.

*New social media sites pop up on the internet all of the time. You may need to update your social buttons as well as check the links to make sure that they are live, and that you are connected to the appropriate social site properties. 

*New features are being created and made available to web developers everywhere. A web makeover can add and/or fix your Web Property's features and functionality.

*You also may need meta tags and keyword updates performed on your site property.

We can recreate your entire Web Property by duplicating each page which allows us to do maintenance/updates/corrections to your existing property. We do not perform makeovers on site properties that are hosted on servers outside of Griotsites. In order for us to go under the “hood” of your Web Property and make any necessary changes, you will have to purchase a web design package to make your Web Property accessible to us. The time and labor to makeover your website is equivalent to the process of creating a new web design. Once the site is recreated by Griotsites.com, we will have access to make any changes that you desire.

Note-site must remain live on previous server for 7 days to allow us enough time to duplicate your site.

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