Annual maintenance plans give you the lowest overall cost and are best for heavy users or large infrequent updates.

Yearly Plans

Read the fine print
Annual plans are great when you have intermittent large updates throughout the year, but you’re not sure when they will occur. With an annual plan you have a full year to use up your maintenance time until your anniversary date, at which point your account is reset. If you use up your given time prior to your annual renewal, you can (a) renew your annual plan and reset your anniversary to that day, or (b) purchase additional time at the low rate of $60 per hour until your maintenance plan renews on your existing anniversary date. If your site also hosts a blog with us, there is an additional $10 per month fee for the blog.

Multiple Domains Save on Maintenance!
If you have several domains that are on separate maintenance programs, you can now share the maintenance hours on one plan between multiple domains. Simply choose the plan that will work best for your sites, and add $10 per month for each additional domain added to the package.
Example: You currently have 2 domains, and you anticipate needing about 1 hour of maintenance for each site. The Advanced Plan, with 2 hours of total maintenance, would work for your sites. The total monthly fee would be $70 - $60/month for the Advanced Plan, plus $10 for the additional domain.


Our services are broken down into one of two categories.

Maintenance Time

All maintenance plans include the following activities…

Text additions, content updates
Creation of forms
Creation of new pages (when layout remains the same)
Adding, deleting, changing links
Adding, deleting, changing meta tags as needed
Recommendations for higher search engine rankings
The Spring Cleaner The Interior Inspector The Renovator
*Unlimited Updates
Changing text attached to the update, updating pages and images (up to 5 pages
*notifications via email regarding
  1.  Expiring domain names
  2. Upcoming suspensions
  3. Add or replace outdated advertisements and events
*Basic technical support
Changing text, updating pages and images

Outdated advertisements or event dates

Changing text, updating pages and images

Installing plugins/scripts

Adding, deleting, changing web links
Changing text, updating pages and images

graphic edits and creation

Complete website redesign

Installing plugins/scripts

Adding, deleting, changing web links

Adding, deleting, changing meta tags as needed

professional website scan

search engine optimization (SEO)

Dedicated support ticket system
Creation of new pages (when the design is the same)
When a resident moves into their new home, the decorating and upkeep of the place is done by the new occupants. Just like maintaining a new house, once your Web Property is produced and is live, any and all updates or changes to your website (redecorating) will be done by you or your webmaster (the person who created your Web Property). Since websites use coding to construct a web page, whoever is designated to make updates to your website must know html codes. Usually, the person who built your website (webmaster) is responsible for the maintenance of your website. If anything is broken in your site such as broken links or blurred images, it must be repaired by the webmaster, not the webhost such as Unless you have purchased a custom built website from us here at GriotSites, we are not considered your webmaster. We are only here to provide you the "land" so that you can have an allotted space to place your home, or in this case, your Web Property. There are several reasons why you should consider redecorating and/or updating your website. 

1. Google and other search engines love content; fresh content. Maintaining your Web Property on a regular basis alerts the search engines that there is a change in your web content. The Backpocket Marketing Group states that "a site redesign can help you attract more visitors and help rank your site higher in the search engine result pages."

2. Keep your visitors returning back on a regular basis to see your updates. When your visitors are use to you refreshing your content, they will more than likely return occasionally just to see what's new at your web property.

3. Outdated information and/or designs make your Web Property unattractive. It screams to potential visitors the conclusion that you don't care about your website or your business. It is equivalent to a potential buyer coming to your home to find it appearing to be abandoned and nonfunctional. When visitors come to your Web Property and find it in a state of outdated information and/or the links don't work, it will give the impression that it is unattended and neglected, and visitors are not attracted to such site. Let's face it. Internet users are looking for content, and it would be in your best interest to provide them what they want...FRESH CONTENT!

4. It makes you feel motivated about your business when your site is maintained properly. Just like your home, if it is in a chaotic state, everything else attached to the home seems to be chaotic too. If you wouldn't dare be caught with your house in a disarray, why keep your website in such conditions?  


Website Maintenance
We at GriotSites understand that to maintain a Web Property can be time consuming. With the hustle and bustle of most people's day, there is little to no time for a domain owner to maintain a website while running a business. For that reason, we created an extended maintenance addon package called "Monitoring Services."
You can only obtain these packages if GriotSites created your Web Property.

Ø Extended Maintenance Terms using one of two methods are listed below:

Ø The Monthly “Flat Rate” Maintenance Service: All Web Properties/pages built by GriotSites are allowed updates and changes to existing web pages for the first 30 days of website completion. You may opt to purchase our Monitoring Service package at a monthly rate to enhance your maintenance service or use it as a stand-alone service.

Do You Need Web Maintenance?

Obtaining an outsider to maintain and update your Web Property can be a lifesaver for many business owners. You need to focus on the functioning of your business and not worry about updating Web Properties. Many web businesses offer to update your Web Property for a monthly fee no matter who developed your Web Property. We, (on the other hand) only offer maintenance to Clients whose site property was developed by GriotSites.

Welcome to our Monitoring Service
Before we tell you what our monitoring services are, we must first be certain that you understand how your internet web space works. Take a look at our scene below. Web hosting is the what we call the space on our server. This space is rented out to you, the domain name owner, so that your Web Property can be seen by the rest of the world. Think of web hosting as a huge city with lots of houses. The houses within this city are called  web domains. GriotSites is the name of the street, Your Web Property is your house on that street, and your domain name is the address to your house; Got it? 
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Ø The “Griot Bulletin Monitoring Services:” If you choose not to obtain the monthly Monitoring Package, you will be charged a $10.00 posting fee for each posting that needs to be made to the web page such as updating your calendar, posting new events, images, etc, This method is better for those sites that require little to no changes. If your site is that of an organization, ministry, radio show (just to name a few), it is recommended that you get the "flat Rate" service to save money along with a peace of mind that your site has fresh contents.

Server Monitoring
In addition to a fully redundant network and top of the line data centers, Griot Sites employ system administrators monitor our server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servers are monitored and issues are acted upon before they become serious. Additionally, the network and datacenters are monitored and managed by on-site technicians dedicated to ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

There are loads of free online site monitoring services on the web today that will alert you if your website goes down,  and we have actually found one that we like so far. Uptime Robot remote website is designed to help detect and notify you if your website goes down. A down website can mean lost revenue and profits to you and/or your business. Some visitors to your site will see the "down" site and become discouraged from ever returning again. Clients who have our monthly monitoring service don't have to watch their site because we do that for you. If you desire, you can still sign up for Uptime Robot service if you want backup notifications.
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