There are many reasons why a domain name may not be resolving to the server (i.e. when people enter a domain and do not arrive at the correct server). This guide offers troubleshooting tips for overcoming typical domain resolution issues and also gives a simplified explanation of how DNS works.

First, let's deal with the obvious. Is your account up-to-date? If your payments are not made on time, your domain will be put in a "suspension" mode. If you feel that this may be the issue, please contact support or visit our "go Green" Client Area to make a payment and restore your account.

Have you been sited for any account or server violations? You would have received an email to alert you of any violations and how to resolve the issues.

Check Nameservers

You can check your Nameservers with a free online tool that will allow you to view domain DNS, including nameservers here.

You can also view the correct nameservers in a variety of places, including the GriotSites welcome email and the cPanel for Shared web hosting accounts.¨

Make sure the domain is registered and not expired; this can be checked with a Whois lookup tool. If the domain is expired, it will need to be renewed. If it is not registered, it will need to be registered.
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