The Mansion Package
The "Mansion" Package is $1,096.00 w/Payment Plan $1,246.00

*Includes 3 Months of  free Monitoring Services if paid in full.
*Easy Payment Plan Available for this Package.

Terms and Conditions
Flexible, easy-to-use control panel
You will receive our state of the art cPanel to control your emails, website html and more
Multimedia display and integration (videos, streaming music, etc.)
Search Engine Optimization
Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO Checklist
Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Checklist
Keyword Usage
Robots.txt file and Robots Meta tag analyzer
Submission to Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing®
Submission to over 100 search engines and directories
Google Keyword Generator
Will generate keywords for your site using our keyword list generator
SEO Reports
Powerful reports that show you how to move your website up in search results
Google Tools Setup
Google Webmaster Tools setup.

Google Analytics integration and setup.
Website Maintenance
You will receive 1 round of provisions to make changes to your site if you are not happy
Advertising Banners
A component to store, organize and randomly display your chosen banner ads.
Company Directory
Page to list all of your company's contacts
Form Installation
1 E-mail Contact Form

Tell-A-Friend Form

Newsletter Sign-Up
Matching Blog
We will create a matching blog to accompany your web design
Document Download
Add PDF or Word Docs as a download to your site
+ Three Revisions
Available Addons to Your Site
Additional Pages $50 each
Add a page or two to your site if you need more space

Google Analytics Setup – $150
We will set up a service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic

Keyword Research – $299
We will identify the organic and paid keywords to drive traffic and conversions to your site
Image Slideshow
Home Page Image Slideshow $125
Add Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery (24 photos) – $75
Company Validated SSL Certificate - $99
Most extensive validation process.
Validates domain ownership and verifies the overall legitimacy of the business through extensive vetting.
Multi-language widget site translator
We will install a widget that allows your visitors to change the language of your site
Google Map
We will bring the power of Google Maps to your website with simple HTML displayed on a separate page
RSS Feed Capability
We will install a RSS Feed widget to bring important information from another site or from your blog
Cookie Notice installed
We will install a message alerting your visitors that your site collects cookies
E-Mail Contact Form
This package includes 1 contact form to send feedback or contact information directly to your email
Personalized e-mail
Up to 20 email accounts. Send and receive branded emails like
Shopping Cart Integration
e-commerce functionality, including payment gateways and shopping carts.

Store Control Panel
Dashboard to have total control of your store.
Web Hosting
Get 12 free months of Web Hosting on our GriotSite servers
Domain Name Registration (2 year)
We will register your personalized domain name for 2 years. You will renew it on the 3rd year for approx. $10.99 thereafter
Receive unlimited bandwidth to display your site to the world
Technical Support
We provide awesome technical support
Standard SSL Certificate
GriotSites will validate and secure your web site with both industry-standard 128-bit encryption and high grade 256-bit encryption.
Two Design Concept
Griotsites will evaluate your concept and needs and create you that perfect Website. You are allowed 2 designs for this web package.
Desktop Design
Beautiful desktop design to fit your online needs.
Responsive Website
Basic Mobile device functionality to fit 320, 768, 800 & 1024 screens
50-Page Website
*This package comes with 50 custom pages
Static HTML & Dynamic Programming
This website comes with HTML and/or Dynamic Programming
Content Data Entry
We will insert all text and image content into your Website provided by you.
Content Editing
We will edit your website for basic errors such as spelling
50 Images
50 Images optimized and resized for web use
Image Gallery
Image Gallery (up to 50 images total)
Slideshow (JQuery)
Slideshow (JQuery): either a conveyor belt slide or animated slide.
Animate Navigation Buttons
This package includes basic or animated navigation buttons
Drop Down Menu
We will created a drop down menu if that is what you prefer
Unlimited Internal LInks
This package includes unlimited Internal links
Unlimited External Links
This package includes unlimited external links
What is the "Mansion" Package?
The Mansion comes with all the bells and whistles that are needed to create that ultimate web home for its owner. We recommend this package for growing business owners and radio personalities. With unlimited bandwidth and a full ecommerce site to display and sell your products, the "Mansion" package is the right fit for anyone who care about how they look on the world wide web.

How does this all work?
Let's use the scenario of a luxurious mansion that you are wanting to buy. Griotsites will be your Realtor and overseer of the mansion's design. We are responsible for making sure that you are in the right place, and that your place is presentable for your future visitors. As your Realtor, Griotsites is in charge of your mansion's decor and amenities like making sure that your home is accessible to your future visitors. Of course we will work closely with you to transfer the idea in your head to the internet canvas, after all, it is YOUR space and must reflect you as well as your business right? Just like a home in need of appliances and furniture, potential website owners need features added to their website. The "Mansion" package has everything you need to make your presence known on the web.
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