What is the "Apartment" Package?
If you are a new Author and needing a place to sell your published book, or you are a small business owner who need web presence on a tight budget, this starter package is right for you. Our designer has the gift of tapping into one's vision and creating that perfect website.

This is our basic Web Property that comes with 5 pages along with a host of other goodies. Let's use the scenario of an apartment condo that you are wanting to buy. Griotsites™ will be your Realtor and overseer of the apartment's design. We are responsible for making sure that you are in the right place, and that your place is presentable for your future visitors. As your Realtor, Griotsites™ is in charge of your Apartment's decor and amenities like making sure that your apartment is accessible to your future visitors. Of course we will work closely to transfer the idea in your head to the internet canvas. Just like an apartment in need of appliances and furniture, potential website owners need features added to their website. The Apartment Package has just enough power within its 5-page perimeter to get the job done.
The "Apartment"  Package is $350.00
w/Payment Plan $500.00
Google Map
We will bring the power of Google Maps to your website with simple HTML
E-Mail Contact Form
This package includes 1 contact form to send feedback or contact information directly to your email
Personalized e-mail
Up to 20 email accounts. Send and receive branded emails like yourname@yourdomain.com
Shopping Cart Integration
Upon your request, we will install up to 3 paypall shopping cart with 3 products or donation capability
Web Hosting
Get 3 free months of Web Hosting on our GriotSite servers
Receive 3,000 GB of bandwidth to display your site to the world
Technical Support
We provide awesome technical support
Limited Multimedia display and integration (videos, streaming music, etc.)
Search Engine Optimization
Basic SEO including Search Engine Friendly URLs, Titles, Headers, Meta descriptions and Keywords

Keywords must be provided, or else will be pulled from the content provided.
Website Maintenance
You will receive 1 round of provisions to make changes to your site if you are not happy
Additional Pages $50 each
Add a page or two to your site if you need more space

Google Analytics Setup – $150
We will set up a service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic

Keyword Research – $299
We will identify the organic and paid keywords to drive traffic and conversions to your site
Image Slideshow
Home Page Image Slideshow $125
Add Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery (24 photos) – $75
Available Addons to Your Site
One Design Concept
Griotsites will evaluate your concept and needs and create you that perfect Website
Desktop Design
Beautiful desktop design to fit your online needs.
5-Page Website
*This package comes with 5 custom pages
Static HTML Programming
This website can only supply information that is written into the HTML and this information will not change unless the change is written into the source code.
Content Data Entry
We will insert all text and image content into your Website provided by you.
20 Images
Optimized and resized images on your site.
Animate Navigation Buttons
This package includes basic navigation buttons with animation for your site
Up to 10 Internal LInks
This package includes up to 10 internal links
Up to 10 external Links
This package includes up to 10 external links

*Need our monitoring services?

*Easy Payment Plan Available for this Package.

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The Apartment Custom Website
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