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T1 connection

A T1 connection is a phone or data connection supporting the transfer of up to 1.544Mbits of data per second. T1 connections are commonly used by businesses and ISPs.

Tape backup
A tape backup is a common and cost-effective method to back up Web pages. The device looks similar to a cassette. Some cassettes can store several gigabytes of data.

TCL, or Tool Command Language, is a scripting language and interpreter designed to embed in other applications.

TCP/IP, or Transmission Control Protocol, works with the IP address to ensure successful packet delivery to the intended destination.

Technical contact
A technical contact is typically the individual or company managing the primary domain name nameserver.

Telnet is a command-line interface allowing communication between remote users and a Web server.

Third-level domain name
A third-level domain name is the next highest level of the hierarchy below second-level domain names. A third-level domain name, if present, falls to the left of the "dot" and to the right of the second-level domain name. In coolexample.co.uk, the third-level domain name is .co.

Tom Cat
Tom Cat is an open-source application of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies developed under Apache Software's Jakarta project.

A traceroute is a UNIX command that produces a log of the precise locations of servers used to access a location on the Internet.

A trackback sends a ping from one site to another (both must be equipped for trackbacks) to notify of new link creation. Trackbacks notify the author of a post that the post has been added to another blog.

Transfer ConciergeĀ®

The Transfer Concierge is the department specializing in resolving domain name transfer issues.

TTL, or Time To Live, controls how often DNS changes will be submitted for propagation.

TXT record

A TXT record, or text record, associates specified text with a host or other name. It is used to define the SPF record.
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