Additional Notes

Ticket ID / Tracking Number
Every ticket created is assigned a ticket ID (ticket number). All ticket IDs are in the format GS-12345678, with the first two characters being the same letters, followed by eight numbers.

If your ticket involves making changes to your hosting account or discussing confidential information, we must confirm that you are the account holder or someone authorized to act upon the account. If you submit the ticket through the Billing Area, your identity is automatically verified since you had to log in to submit the ticket. If you submit a ticket any other way (such as email, online form or through an agent), we will request that you verify your identity. Always be prepared to give us your GS Code. This is a way to verify that you are the account holder. If you do not remember it, check the very first email that you received from us when you registered. If you still can't find it, send us a email requesting your GS Code.

Ticket Wait Times
Normally tickets are answered the same day, usually within a few hours. Tickets are addressed in the order they are received, so please wait patiently and you should have a response shortly.

Some problems are more complicated and we will need extra time to investigate and solve your issue. We appreciate your patience while we take care of the issue at hand for you.
How to Create a Support Ticket

GriotSites offers several ways to receive support to Griot Family members. While many common issues can be handled through live chat or over the phone, some issues are more appropriately handled by creating a support ticket. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to use our ticket system as often as you can.

Option 1: Ticket System

Our ticketing system is handled through our WIP (Web Insurance Plan) department.

In order to submit a ticket to our firm, you must have an active Web Property account with us. Instructions on submitting a ticket are below, but you must have credentials in order to proceed.

If you are not a GriotSites exclusive member, visit the "contact us" section for general questions and information or grab one of our Custom Web Properties to become a member.

Option 2: Live Chat or Telephone

In most cases, if an issue cannot be resolved on your phone call or chat session, an agent can create a ticket for you.

Although an agent can create tickets for most issues, there are some types of tickets (such as feedback, affiliate questions, user/website complaints, order forms, etc.) that cannot be created by phone or chat technicians and must be submitted directly.

Option 3: Email Us

Another easy way to create a ticket is to email us. for affiliate related questions for billing questions for questions on any of our products for any technical questions to let us know how we are doing
For billing, support, security or migrations issues, please create a ticket using our ticket creation form.

For faster service, it is suggested that you email the department most closely related to your issue; however, if you email the wrong department, we will make sure your ticket gets redirected to the appropriate place.

                                   1. Sign into your WIPA Forum and click on “Tickets”.
3. Fill out the “Submit a ticket” form and send it. Return back to this section to check on any open tickets that you may have in the queue.

2. Click “New support ticket” in the right hand corner.
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