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Saved skin
A saved skin is a design layout stored for later or repeated use.

Scalability is the ability to add or reduce size to meet immediate requirements.

A screenshot is an image capture of a screen's contents.

Second-level domain name
A second-level domain name is the portion of a domain name that falls immediately to the left of the "dot", or root. In coolexample.com, the second-level domain name is coolexample.

Secondary server
The secondary server assumes control if the primary server fails.

Security code

A security code is provided by the gaining registrar to a domain name's administrative contact email address. It verifies to the gaining registrar that the domain name's owner requested the transfer of the domain name.

Server log
A server log contains a record of activity for a server.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting provides self-contained hosting services to multiple users on one server.

SharePoint is Microsoft's Web-based document organization platform. SharePoint helps facilitate collaboration, provides content management features, and supplies access to information essential to organization.

Shell account
A shell account permits users to edit their files online in real time instead of making changes to their site offline and updating the changed files later.

A sidebar is one or more columns along one or both sides of the blogger's home page. The sidebar is generally used for links, calendars or lists.

Simple Control Panel
A Simple Control Panel is a basic control panel available with most Linux-based servers.

A sitemap contains a list of URLs on a website. It is provided to search engines to define Web pages that are available for crawling and can be included in the search engines’ database.

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transport Protocol, is a TCP/IP protocol. It governs electronic mail transmission and reception.

SMTP relay
An SMTP relay is sent and received by mail hosts.

SMTP server
An SMTP server is a computer that forwards email messages using SMTP protocol.

Social bookmark

A social bookmark is a bookmark, suggested by others, that users can add to their own personal collections.

Spam is any junk or unsolicited email.

Spam filter
A spam filter allows users to block messages from suspected spammers.

A spider is a software robot that crawls websites to gather Web content and link information for search engine databases.

SPF record
An SPF record, or Sender Policy Framework record, is an information record that validates legitimate email sources for a domain name.

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a utility to securely access a remote computer.

SSIs, or Server Side Includes, are commands processed by the Web server only when a user requests a file.

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a security management protocol used for message transmission on the Internet.

Static IP
A static IP is a fixed IP address, meaning that the IP remains unchanged with each user login.

A statistic is website usage information compiled into a user-friendly format. Statistics often include the number of visitors to a site, which pages receive the most requests and how much time is spent browsing the site.

SRV record
An SRV record, or a service record, provides information on available services.

Support is technical support provided to customers via telephone or email to resolve technical difficulties or site issues.

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