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One of the designers of our Radio Web Property has a background in radio/internet radio which began in 2009. She knows the importance of having a radio show AND a site property to enhance the show. You see, the radio show is a business; either you make money doing it or you give away the airtime for free. However you choose to do it, at the end of the day,
. And like any other business, you MUST have an online presence. A radio show being without an online presence is like setting up a special birthday party but forgetting to invite guests. In other words; you have a good idea set in place, but nobody knows about it. And chances are very slim that many won't know about it either unless your broadcast it. A radio site property is the way to make that happen. Here is what a radio Web Property can do for you:

1. Give potential listeners a place to check out your show.
2. Have a one stop shop for all of your show's archives for easy access.
3. Give listeners a chance to stay up-to-date on the happenings on your show.
4. Promote contest give-a-ways directly on your site.
5. Take in donations on your site.
6. Increase your listening base.
7. Allow your listeners access your shows right from your site property
... And much more...

There is a lot more to internet radio that many Web Property developers and customer/Clients oversee when setting up a new radio station. Our internet radio station site properties we have developed are custom built and are very affordable. We are here to help you either redesign your Web Property, or build a new one from scratch.
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Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
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