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What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) isn't just for big companies. As a published Author or a small business owner, you're missing out on big opportunities if you aren't focusing on your PR efforts. Public relations is one of the most cost-effective methods for small businesses to raise awareness. 

In most cases, public relations is much less expensive than advertising, and can be incredibly valuable. Many small businesses reach out via social media, but there's more you can do: Write a press release. Get noticed right off the bat by writing a press release. You can look at other press releases for ideas, or visit Include keywords in your heading, subheading, and the body of your article so that search engines pick up your story. Then, search for websites on which to post your press release. There are free options available, or you can find a paid service that fits your budget.

Host a PR Event

Add clout to your business by hosting your own PR event, or attend an event at an organization that attracts your target market. Build contacts and interact with customers and others in your industry. Present valuable information related to your business, and include a sales pitch at the end. You can even ask the local press to cover your event or presentation.

Optimize your presence in search engines
An article at on online news outlet, a broadcast clip posted online, or a news release distributed to web outlets - all of these provide valuable inbound links to your website that increase your rank in Google. A news release distributed by PR Newswire is delivered to more than 5,500 Web sites and online services such as Yahoo!, AOL and, and the release can be further optimized for search engine visibility utilizing keywords..

Provide useful information

In addition to the products and services you sell, offer industry tips, a forum, a blog, or a newsletter on your Web Property. This type of information helps establish you as a subject-matter expert and attracts site property visitors. Consider promoting your online gems with press releases.

Need a little help? No problem. Here are a couple of PR services that we recommend:

Do you get the picture now? Well alright then. Get out there and generate some buzz!
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