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Hey there! We created the "Press & Media" page to serve journalists, bloggers, reporters, and promoters on inquiries concerning our services. If you are looking to provide feedback, please do so here.
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What Others Saying About GriotSites™

Want to know what others are saying about us?  We have compiled some of our feedback so that you can get a feel of what others think about our services. Since we are a publishing company who just so happens to build websites too, we have included in the "comments" area, feedback concerning all of our services including book publishing. These are ACTUAL testimonies of ACTUAL clients who have taken time out of their day to express their experience with our services.  After YOU have joined our family, we ask that you send us your feedback so that we can add it to our wall.

Note:  We received permission from each Client and potential Client to post their comments. Some provided their approval but didn't want their name posted.  We have honored their wishes by just posting their comment and where they reside as well as the year of receiving their feedback.
Who Are We?  What is a Griot?

GriotSites was established in 2007 under the name Universal World Webs. The name change occurred in January of 2014 to accompany the sister book publishing company Griot Publishing House. The Griot International Headquarters was birthed and still resides in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, where the sunshine and Desert temperatures are the norm year round.
We are Certified, Insured, and Licensed in the State of Arizona.

Address: 2844 n Taylor Ln.
City & State: Casa Grande, AZ 85122
- Suite 103
Toll-Free #: (888) 600-2011
Direct Email:

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T'Malkia Zuri - Owner of GriotSItes
T'Malkia Zuri-CEO & Lead Designer
We offer a free web hosting guide to help Griot Business Club members & Web Property Realtors set up and start a web hosting business. Our Web Property Business Guide (a $47 value) covers many concepts of setting up and maintaining your web hosting account to run a successful online business. If you wish to obtain a copy, please fill out the form below to request access to our online guide. One guide will be emailed to you within 24 hours of us receiving your request. If you are interested in becoming a Web Property Realtor, In the meantime, visit our forum to answer any questions that you may have.
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Chat Live With a Web Specialist
Chat Live With a Web Specialist
Educating Website Owners is our Business. Get Webucated Today!
Griot International, LLC™
Phoenix, AZ 85043
(888) 600-2011
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Educating Website Owners is Our Business!
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