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What Is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is when you take advantage of the buzz and traffic for any of Griot International's upcoming or brand new product launch to earn commissions off of our products.

For example, before we release a product called Upside Down Domains, you might buy the domain and build out a website with your affiliate links provided to you by

Then anyone searching for a review of the latest cool product Upside Down Domains will find your site, read your review, and then purchase through your links.

Why does Launch Jacking work so well?

When our new product launches, there isn’t a whole lot of information about on the internet. So when someone searches for the product, there isn't a lot of information that the search engines can pull up related to the product.

By creating and optimizing your website for the new product, you are prime to get high rankings right from the start!

How will I know that Griot International has released a new product before the public does?

Well, the way Launch Jacking can be beneficial to you is that you be one of the first ones to release the product(s) before we do. Those who sign up for our Mailbox Money Program will receive a newsletter via their email to announce the latest product approximately 30 days before we actually announce it to the public. This will allow the Jacker at least a month to put up a website and promote the affiliate links that we will provide you in your email.

What are some of the benefits of launch jacking?

1.  Be one of the first ones to the party:
When you do a launch Jack, you’re one of the first one to the party. That means you’re able to grab the best domains and get the most amount of traffic with just a simple website or video. There’s very little competition; only the ones who are Mailbox Money Associates, and some of them may prefer not to do launch jacking.

2.  Long term benefits in Launch Jacking for and/or Mailbox Money Program:

Just because you’re doing launch jacking doesn’t mean that there are no long term benefits. You can continue making sales from your launch jacking website(s) years from now, however; the revenue will definitely taper off after the launch, because the “buzz” that creates the initial traffic spike will have died down as affiliates move on to the next launch.

3.  SEO rankings due to the age of your Affiliate Site:
Because you're one of the first people to establish yourself with our product on the Internet, it gives your SEO rankings a bit of a boost because of the age factor. So if the product becomes very popular later, you already have a great head start because your domain is now aged and you had some time to build a few quality links to it.

And depending on how much money you made on the launch, you'll know if the site is worth keeping up and paying to renew the domain if you purchased your own.

4. Immediate profits.
And when we say immediate, we mean within minutes to one to two days of the launch.

So within minutes, cash can be hitting your PayPal account as long as we haven't initiated a hold on your commissions. A Hold is when Griot International™ and/or affiliates don't know you yet. This is why you must sign up for our Mailbox Money Program so that we recognize you as an official Griot Launch Jacker.

The Hold is just a way for us to protect ourselves from Affiliate Fraud.

What is Affiliate Fraud?

Affiliate fraud is any type of illegal activity designed with the intention of cheating merchants, other affiliates or buyers. The merchants are at a loss by fraud affiliates that mislead them into paying commissions that they shouldn't be paying. The extent of such practices ranges from repeated clicks on income-generating links of CPC (cost-per-click) programs to using sophisticated software that will simulate human activity. Read more here.

There are six types of "affiliate fraud":

Duplicating -- creation of deceptive clones of legitimate sites
Spamming -- sending mass emails under the guise of a legitimate brand
Squatting -- creating sites under common misspellings of legitimate domains
Diverting -- creating deceptive links that do not pay the intended affiliate ("cookie stuffing" is one of the ways it's done, and thankfully it already results in serious consequences for cookie stuffers)
Faking -- inflating a CPC program's number of clicks
Stealing -- making purchases with stolen credit cards to earn bogus commissions

Are you ready to make some cash? Cool. Sign up for our Mailbox Money Program today!
Launch Jacking
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