CSR sample codes
If you're using an SSL certificate on a GriotSites shared hosting account, you do not need to generate a CSR; we take care of that for you.

The CSR and RSA key are two components involved in the generation of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. Oftentimes, these can be confused with one another; however, they are quite different.

What is a CSR?

A Certificate Signing Request, or CSR, is a block of encrypted text which typically contains information that will be included in the SSL certificate; this includes data such as the organization name, domain name, locality and country. It also includes the public keys for the SSL certificate. The CSR is generated by the server on which the SSL certificate will be installed, and is then used by the SSL certificate provider to create the SSL certificate.

If you are renewing your certificate or if your certificate is expired, then you will need to request a new CSR.

What is RSA?

When the SSL certificate is enrolled, you will receive:

The certificate
The RSA key
A CA bundle (possibly)

These will be 3 different groups of alphanumeric data sent from the certificate provider.

The RSA key is the encryption key that will be used to protect sensitive information. Currently, GriotSites uses a 2048-bit RSA key.

Please Note:
The address and organization information needs to match your WHOIS information for the domain for which you would like the SSL installed on.

To Request a CSR Key, you can learn the steps or contact us and we will generate it for you:
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