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Fantastico De Luxe (cPanel) Retired

Fantastico De Luxe No Longer Offered at
Fantastico De Luxe has retired and is no longer supported by Selecting this tool from within cPanel will now direct you to QuickInstall, our very own in-house auto installer.

Why are you making this change?
Fanstastico De Luxe no longer fits our criteria for the best experience in software installation. QuickInstall, an alternative to Fantastico,  is a far more robust system.

What do I do with scripts I've installed within Fantastico?
Sites installed via Fantastico will continue to function and operate. You will be able to manage and update these scripts from within their own respective control panels or dashboards.

If you need to remove or otherwise modify a program installed via Fantastico, your cPanel contains the utilities you need in order to accomplish these tasks.

Will I have to take any actions or perform any further tasks?
This change is being carried out on our servers and will not cause any data loss or affect any of your websites. You do not need to take any actions or make any special arrangements.

What are my options if I must have Fantastico?
You may order a VPS or Dedicated hosting package which will provide you with full (or "root") control over the software environment.

Once you have the new server, you may request a migration so that we can help you move all of your content/cPanels to the new server. You may then purchase a license directly from Fantastico. Licensed Fantastico users with root access may utilize this product as required.

QuickInstall is an auto-installer that provides more than 70 unique scripts, all easily configured within minutes.

Additional features include the ability to update scripts, remove an installation, and update your administrator password all within the QuickInstall application. For additional information on this installer, please visit our Quickinstall page here.
Note: GriotSites offers several script and application auto-installers. The auto-installer allows you to quickly install web applications and scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, and many many other scripts. If you have any questions about these scripts, it is best to go directly to their website for support. Website links are available within the Fantastico Script Installer. Also be aware that sometimes these scripts are changed or deleted by the owner of them. We have no control over these changes. You do have the option of using your own script instead of those offered in the Fantastico  list.
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