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A favicon is a small graphic that appears to the left of the web address in a browser's address bar.

A firewall secures a network and protects it from access by unauthorized viewers.

A footer is the bottom portion of a blog or Web Page that lists navigation and copyright information.

Flash is animation software created by Macromedia. It requires little bandwidth and displays a moving or changing sequence of graphics. Flash commonly provides graphically driven website introductions.

A forum is a Web page where users post messages and replies on topics of interest.

Forwarding directs a domain name to another Web address or URL.

FrontPage is a widely known HTML editor created by Microsoft for building websites.


FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a method to transfer files across the Internet.

FTP Backup
An FTP backup copies data to a remote computer using an FTP connection.

FTP Client
An FTP client is software that assists users in uploading files to their sites using FTP.

FTP User
An FTP user is the user account name referenced when uploading files to a website using FTP.

Fully Qualified Domain

A fully qualified domain name includes the host name. An example is www.griotdomain.com.
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