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Data Transfer
Data transfer is the amount of data transferred from a hosting server when a site viewer visits a page on a website. Sites with audio, video, and images can generate a large amount of traffic. Owners of those websites should select a hosting plan and provider with a high range of data transfer.

A DBA, or Database Administrator, is in charge of the physical aspect of the data warehouse, including design, performance, and maintenance work, such as backups.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting is generally reserved for one website and provides hosting services to a single customer.

Dedicated IP
A dedicated IP is a host interface identification used for location addressing. It is commonly used to access a website or location directly without benefit of a domain name.

Digital Signature
A digital signature is an encrypted message that ensures a message was sent by the person who claims to have sent it.

The DNS, or Domain Name System, stores information regarding domain and host names.

Domain Name
A domain name is the portion of a URL that locates a group or entity on the Internet.

Domain Name Locking
Registrars offer domain name locking as a free security feature to prevent the unauthorized transfer of a domain name to another registrar or host.

Domain Name Monitoring
Domain name monitoring tracks domain names of interest and alerts users to domain name changes.

Domain Name Privacy

Domain name privacy keeps the domain name registrant's contact information confidential. Instead of publishing the registrant's contact information in the Whois database, the Whois database contains the contact information of the privacy provider.

Domain Name Transfer
A domain name transfer moves a domain name from one registrar to another. Customers must wait 60 days to transfer domain names after a purchase, a prior transfer, or certain changes to domain name registrant information.


Drupal is software that lets individuals or a community of users to publish, manage, and organize content on a website.

Dynamic Web Page
A dynamic Web page has varying information or provides user interaction.

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