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What is a Griot?
As we continue to emphasize here at Griot International: THE INTERNET IS A VIRTUAL WORLD. You can live in both worlds but you have to understand each of them in order to be successful. There are 3 types of people on the earth today- The 1st group of people consist of those who are a business owner, author or organization who don't think they need web presence. Next you have the 2nd group which consists of business owners, authors and organizations who understand that in order to share what is being offered to the rest of the world, web presence is a requirement, and 3 group consists of those who have managed to survive on this planet without any web presence. It should also be mentioned that those who have a social media account is part of group 1 because account holders are given a "profile page" that provides a "shelter home" web presence. 

Although a potential domain owner may understand the importance of having web presence in today's social and business world,  he/she may not know where to begin in preparing their web property. GriotSites is still in business after 9 years because, just like the physical world, we understand that a property owner has to know how to survive in the world-wide-web. We offer services at GriotSites that are equivalent to the physical services that are offered in everyday living.

We offer 4 levels of Consultation packages and they are:

The Griot Beacon:
Web Analysis
We will design your web page

The Griot Times:
Web Analysis

The Griot Tribune:
Web Analysis

The Griot Chronicles:
Web Analysis

What is a Web Property Consultant? 

What is a Web Property Counselor?

Who may look for a Web Consultant:
Start-up businesses may employ a web consultant when they first open.

What to expect from GriotSites
The designer works with the owners to define the company’s goals
find out what they want the website to do for the business.

search engine optimization (SEO)

We will monitor the Internet for popular word searches and/or use other programs designed to inform users of high volume Internet searches.

Our SEO specialists will incorporate popular search engine words and phrases

We will provide a report to the Client once a month regarding web traffic to the site property, and what part of the world the traffic is coming from.

Marketing Counseling Services

We will discuss with the Client valuable marketing information such as what draws customers to a site property opened for business and how to keep them there. 

GriotSites will provide a thorough analysis of a company's competition chosen by the Client .Based on our experiences, it is useful to understand what strategies are working for businesses in the same industry. Although we do not copy what they are doing, we do use their strategy as a teaching tool of what not to do.

Consumer research plays a big role in the work a consultant brings to the table. By understanding the business or consumer market the client is trying to reach, the consultant can better create a website that meets those needs.

Host a website our servers
maintain a website by updating the site with current information

reviewing the traffic on the site.

The web consultant will generally be available for ongoing service such as SEO updating,

correcting errors

changing contact information when appropriate.

Information architecture of the website

Content planning and development

Ensuring all the technical aspects are in place

Tracking and managing the process and execution of the project from end to end.

Providing progress updates

the job done on time and within budget.

Our job is to oversee and coordinate everything ensuring the project is completed successfully.

We have a strong understanding of web and online technologies
We are an experienced team of web developers who are not afraid to contract someone else in on the project if needed. 

Personal Assistant
A Few Quick Questions for GriotSites:

What is Our Background in Web Design?

We have an extensive history in web designing including innovative designs. We started out designing websites for authors in 2007 for our Sister Company Griot Publishing House.

We are experienced in all the latest web design techniques that are being used in the mainstream such as parallax scrolling and flat design.

What is Our Background with SEO?

Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. We offer basic SEO services as a part of our custom web property packages, but we also employ a team that knows their stuff when it comes to this important step in website optimization.

How Much Experience Do You Have with Social Media?

Social Media doesn't require training; it just requires consistency and perseverance. We have been managing Social Media for over 5 years. A lot has been learned during that time, and our experiences will and has benefited our previous and current Clients. As part of our Social Networking services, we will integrate your social media accounts with your website property's design. We will spend time evaluating your social media needs as well as strategies for promoting a website on social media. We will integrate social media feeds through your site property for consolidation.  Last but not least, we will set you up for social media monitoring.
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