A content management system (CMS) such as a document management system (DMS) is a computer application used to publish and archive various kinds of digital media and electronic text. CMS are frequently used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing industry-specific documentation such as news articles, operator's manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing brochures.The content managed may include computer files, image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and web content. These concepts represent integrated and interdependent layers.  There are various nomenclatures known in this area: Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Digital Records Management, Electronic Content Management and so on. The bottom line for these systems is managing content and publishing, with a workflow if required.

GriotSites CMS Hosting Services

We are striving to be one of the most popular names among web hosting companies. You can have a blog or even a Wiki; for any kind of Web Properties like those engaged in e-commerce and online selling you can use various types of content management systems through this web host. The availability of GriotSites operations and its compatibility with MySQL, Linux, Apache and PHP allows a plethora of applications and functions suited for your kind of website. These will in turn enhance the usability of your website and its wide range of operations; customer, users and internet browsers accessing your website will be able to do so with convenience and various options to choose from. There are choices of the following content management systems that are available from the company for your websites. Make a choice depending on the nature of work and requirements that will be generated from the website. Here are some of the names of popular names of the GriotSites CMS hosting services.

WordPress Hosting

This is one of the front runners among CMS systems; it has won an award for its blogging platform available for blog sites. It is appropriate and perhaps one of the most choicest ones among web designers that are looking forward to incorporating it. This will help you to enjoy WordPress features and functions for blogging along with your own domain; the compatibility of services available from GriotSites makes it a very popular name in the industry that is trusted by thousands of blog sites. With this CMS you will receive several plug-ins and customizable themes and templates too. With these you can enable a new look for your website from time to time. Your website will enjoy maximum compatibility through GriotSites considering a high standard of hardware and software equipments and applications.

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the most popular names among open source content management systems; there are an incredible 2.7% websites that use it across the internet and this figure alone describes in detail the kind of  versatile features and functions this CMS has to bring advantage to a wide range of websites. It is attractive in its offers of an astounding range of plug-ins and themes that is available for your websites completely free. GriotSites web hosting services brings you this well-known CMS to be installed in a matter of few seconds only. There is an automatic installer offered by the company that is referred to as 'QuickInstall'. The huge stock of features and facilities available through Joomla is well suited to the sphere of operations of a wide array of websites which is also responsible for its frequent inclusion and popularity. With GriotSites you will have access to its latest version and state of the art technology when it comes to hardware and software backup. The latest versions of databases like MySQL and PHP among others will also be available.

Drupal Hosting

One of the best known and pioneers of open source content management systems is that of Drupal. There is a significant percentage of websites on the World Wide Web that are structured with complete backing from this software resource. Your website will be benefited with some of the best choices and the widest array of software applications and tools required for websites engaged in different areas of work and business. Operations of the website along with day to day management can be more accessible and within the reach of users. Now you can avail the power of Drupal CMS through GriotSites.com web hosting services. The company has more than 5 million domains that enable website designers and owners to depend on their quality services. It will offer the latest version of the software along with an efficient workforce and equipment backup; this will ensure that your website is always accessible for internet users across the globe in different time zones. There are all kinds of software backup and support available for the installation and operational requirements of the CMS.

phpBB Hosting

Another name of an opensource CMS that has successfully created a niche for itself among website management is that of phpBB.  It is available for free and is used as a software for web forums. As a web host, GriotSites.com has been able to prove itself as one of the most established names in the industry. With its facilities and advanced backup now you can easily create your own message board or forum with a community of users too. There is a easy and quick process of installation that is offered from GriotSites.com along with the latest version of the software applications. There are all kinds of products and services available on the internet in this way. To facilitate such websites to their best advantage you can avail content management systems and Magento CMS is the ideal name for that. This is an opensource CMS that acts as a shopping cart in your website. If you are engaged in selling products and services then this is a mandatory inclusion for your website. Now you can avail this from GriotSites.com web hosting services as well.

There is a Magento CMS installer that can initialize a quick and easy procedure for your operational requirements. You will receive its latest version from GriotSites.com and free SSL and IP. There is complete backup and compatible support with hardware and software requirements in operations and website management. Moreover you will receive a free toll free number for your Magento website; this is an advantage if you wish to reach out quickly to your customers.

Wiki Hosting

There is an incredible popularity enjoyed by Wiki websites owing to various reasons. These knowledge based informative websites are often the base of research and studies for an increasing number of internet users and website browsers. These may include research students and professionals to even high school students.

Thus if you are developing such websites, there is a wide range of software backup available with an equally varied range of features. These are equipped to provide some of the most unique extensions to your website. Among the noteworthy software products of Wiki CMS there is MediaWiki, TikiWiki, WikkaWiki and PmWiki. There is an equally wide range of reasons that web designers and owners opt for Wiki CMS and GriotSites.com. Being one of the established names in the industry GriotSites.com.com offers some of the latest versions and other support for clients. GriotSites™ is one of those companies that can duly meet all necessary hardware, software and technical support that would be needed to operate and install the software for client websites.

GriotSites CMS Hosting Benefits

There are very few names of companies in the industry as GriotSites web hosting services that come to you with such variations of choices in software products and services. This is also a company that values the capabilities of its clients and the stature of their companies. For the same reason you will find GriotSites services available in four different categories. They are priced with the same variation so that it is easily affordable and cost-effective even for small companies or newly established business ventures. No matter what your budget is or the constraints in case of monetary availability there is always a plan available with GriotSites that would be suited for your business. The available features in content management systems enables even the non-technical ones amongst you to efficiently carry out the handling of website management. However if you ever meet with even the least of technical difficulties there is a constant source of help you can always count on. Any email that is sent to the company will be responded within a deadline time period that says a lot about the standards of professionalism followed here. GriotSites is also capable of giving you the best advantage in terms of safety and secure internet connectivity. All protective measures are ensured for a high level of security available for websites at cost-effective prices. Your website will also enjoy a speedy internet connectivity with unlimited bandwidth and a larger disk storage space. All your data is backed up by the company and your Web Property visitors will never face any loading problems when connecting with the site.
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