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A published book is possibly an established business, and all businesses need advertisement. There are many ways to spread the word about your published books, be it through radio, YouTube, book trailers and other social media. Book tags make it easier for you to do so.

Remember the old "bookmarks" that most authors purchase to accommodate their published books? An example of a bookmark is to the right.

The cost to produce a bookmark can add up QUICK. Let's see:
Most bookmarks are sold by the case at about $. 15 each. That's $75.00 per case. But is it really worth the money for this type of advertisement?

Bookmarks has its ups and downs in the advertisement world.

Here are our reasons why Bookmarks are good:

1. They accommodate your book very well. Usually a bookmark is made to reflect the theme of your book as shown in the examples.
2.  Bookmarks are an excellent way to display an image of your book, a synopsis of your book, and the information needed to purchase your book.
3. They can be offered as a "bonus" or a promotional gift

Now. Here are the reasons why Bookmarks are bad:

1. Many readers are going digital these days. The Nook, Kindle & iPad have taken over the minds of readers who would rather carry and view their books electronically than to carry and view hard copy materials. Bookmarks will not be needed by these particular readers.
2. Bookmarks can become costly. If you are offering a "free" bookmark with the purchase of your book, more than likely you will run out and have to purchase more.
3. Many bookmarks end up in the trash. No explanation is needed on this one is it?

So, How are Book Tags Different?

1. They are easier to distribute. With all of the social media on the web today, it is nothing to post your tag on a wall somewhere. Our Book Tags come with a code and a link so that you can embed them or simply share the short link in your email, facebook, twitter, etc.

2. They are cheap. The Design of a Book Tag starts at $25.00 depending on how elaborate you want them to be.
3. They are yours to keep forever. Once we send it to you, it's yours to keep. We will not distribute your tags or use them for advertisement purposes without your permission, but just keep this in mind though; you may want us to use your Book Tags in some of our promotions. More exposure for you and your book right?

4.  They are fast!  We mean the turnaround time. You can have your Book Tag created and delivered to you via email within 72 hours. If you need them faster than that, for an additional $5 bucks, we can make that happen for you within 24 hours.

5. We can give your Book Tag a facelift. You are entitled to one free makeover of your Book Tag just in case you want a change. This would include if you need to make corrections or you just want to change the color. After your initial free makeover, to create a new Book Tag will be the going price of a new one. We do have coupons floating around for discounts and/or free Book Tags, so visit our coupon page to take advantage of special offers.

Contact us for a free, fast quote @ 888.600.2011.

What is the Process?

1. First, we will need just a few minutes of your time for an assessment of what you want your tag to look like. We will ask questions like:

(a) Do you have a JPEG or PNG image of your book cover?
(b) Do you have a brief summary or synopsis of your book?
(e) Do have an ISBN for your book?
(f) Do you have an email and website?
(g) How do you plan to distribute your Book Tag?
(h) What else do you desire to put on your Book Tag; An Author photo, an image besides your book image? Special design, etc.?
(I) What size Book Tag are you purchasing?

What are Book Tags?
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