How Do I Backup/Restore/Move from One cPanel Host to Another?

If you just ordered a new hosting plan you are in luck! GriotSites offers free content transfers within the first 30 days of signup. If you are not eligible for a free content transfer, you are still welcome to submit a ticket to our support department to request a reasonable price quote.

Moving from a cPanel Host

If you are moving from your current cPanel hosting company to GriotSites' cPanel hosting, follow the steps below to manually move your website:

Generate a full backup of your current cPanel.
Open the email which confirms your backup to obtain the name of the backup file.
Submit a Restore Form to

Note: Our admins will need to know the name of your backup file and the exact path where the file is saved in your home directory.

Although it is not recommended, if you wish to move your Web Property manually, please follow the instructions here for the situation that applies to you.
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Moving from a Non-cPanel Host

If you are moving away from a host who does not provide cPanel, then the only way to move your site is by uploading and downloading the files manually with a tool such as FTP. You can also request a .CSV or .SQL backup of your databases. Please contact your  current hosting company for detailed instructions on how to request these backups.

To avoid any complications, do not tell your current hosting company that you are leaving their services until after everything you wish to migrate over has been moved.

Large Backups for Shared Accounts

You may only create backups via cPanel of 10 GB and/or 150,000 inodes or less. If your backup is larger than 10 GB or over 150,000 inodes, you must contact support for help to bypass the limit. is unable to manually create full backups of accounts that are larger than 20 GB (other limitations may also apply). Shared accounts are limited to one (1) cPanel backup stored on the account. Please see our Terms of Service for additional information.

The backup sizes in the table above are up to that size. For example, "10 GB Space" means 10 GB or smaller; and "20 GB Space" means above 10 GB but smaller than 20 GB.

Backups FAQ

The following are commonly asked questions pertaining to's backup policy.

What If my account was suspended?

If your account is suspended less than 1 week before we run backups, your account will still be backed up.

If you have been suspended for more than a week when we run backups, your old backup will be erased and your account will not be included in the new backups. We will have NO backups for your account; so, it is very important that you maintain your own backups.

How do I restore my own backup?

A partial backup, such as a mySQL database or home directory, can be restored with the Backup icon within cPanel (the same place where the backup was generated by the user).

A full backup must be restored by the root user for the server. To request a restoration of your content from a backup file, simply complete our Restore form. Please clearly indicate what content you want restored and if there is anything you do not wish to restore.

Note: requires a $25 fee to restore a weekly backup; however, if you provide your own backup file, the fee will be $15.
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