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Please note that the Affiliate Program is slightly different from the Mailbox Money Program. Check here for more details.  Make sure that you choose "mailbox money" if that is what you are signing up for, otherwise you will default to our Affiliate Program.

Every Time We get paid, YOU GET PAID!

By far, has THE BEST Web Hosting Affiliate Program in the Industry.  We don't claim to pay the highest commission for bringing us new Clients, but we do claim to offer you a way to make some extra cash promoting our products. Welcome to our Affiliate Partner Program or as we call it around these neck of the woods "Mailbox Money" Program.  We prefer to call you an Affiliate "Partner" because every time WE get paid, YOU get paid. Does this mean that you are an official partner of Griot International and Associates? Of course not! But it does mean that we are striving to give you products and tools that you can use to make a nice income. We care just that much. Now you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by referring Clients to us through your website, social media and email.

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Affiliate Benefits

>25% commission 
>Free Signup 
>Payouts monthly
>Banners & Links provided
>Easy to use Dashboard

Mailbox Money Benefits

>Recurring 25% commission 
>Free Signup 
>Payouts monthly (you get paid when we get paid)
>Banners & Links provided
>Easy to use Dashboard

Secure Website

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Easy Affiliate Dashboard

>Number of Visitors Referred
>Number of Signups
>Conversion Rate
>Links to Us Provided
>Withdrawal Request (for Affiliate Program only)

Click the Green bar below to navigate to our Dashboard where you can signup through our secure site. The Dashboard is where you will be able to monitor your payments, leads and request a payout if applicable.
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